September 27 2014, 5am

There’s nothing more I can do to make anyone like me less.
I can no longer help them to realise that what I want is anymore deserving than my destiny states it is:

Because everyone finally agrees.

Goodnight universe.

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September 15 2014, 4pm

Basically, not a single person actually cares.

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September 11 2014, 3am

It Is my birthday on Sunday
love me & buy me stuff please

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September 7 2014, 7pm


things i want from a relationship:

  • musical theatre duets

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August 31 2014, 6pm

I deserve to live. I could learn to if people just gave me a fucking chance.
But clem will always shoot me before the truth is even revealed.

Heartless. You’re all heartless, unintelligent, self obsessed bastards. Pulling my own trigger is doing us all a favour. Stay the fuck away from me, and don’t cry over my corpse. Smile. Be happy, that finally: you got the peace you always wanted, and I got the ‘kindness’ of death that I desperately ‘needed’

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