September 15 2014, 4pm

Basically, not a single person actually cares.

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September 11 2014, 3am

It Is my birthday on Sunday
love me & buy me stuff please

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September 7 2014, 7pm


things i want from a relationship:

  • musical theatre duets

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August 31 2014, 6pm

I deserve to live. I could learn to if people just gave me a fucking chance.
But clem will always shoot me before the truth is even revealed.

Heartless. You’re all heartless, unintelligent, self obsessed bastards. Pulling my own trigger is doing us all a favour. Stay the fuck away from me, and don’t cry over my corpse. Smile. Be happy, that finally: you got the peace you always wanted, and I got the ‘kindness’ of death that I desperately ‘needed’

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August 31 2014, 5pm

You’re all pathetic. So so pathetic.

If you chose to shoot Kenny in TWD, you must also look at people who suffer from mental health issues and think they should all die too.

I didn’t shoot him. I understand, and I fucking get it. People aren’t themselves when a disease is in full control of your body. This is my cancer, and it’s terminal.

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